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At Live Life Physiotherapy, we strive for whole-body health and wellness for our clients. Our treatment delivery systems naturally reduce the chance of exposure to COVID-19.

Our staff is vaccinated and we follow all procedures recommended by the CDC to ensure the safety of our patients. Our concierge mobile physical therapy service significantly limits the risk of exposure to COVID-19 compared to the risk of a standard physical therapy clinic. We also offer telehealth/telemedicine to cater to everyone that needs our care.

We interact with a limited number of people instead of most clinics where many patients are treated in the same hour by multiple providers. Some of the ways we limit exposure include regular hand washing prior to and after treatment, and wearing a face mask.

We can also provide hands-off treatment upon request that is focused on your ability to self-manage your pain including assessing your environmental and daily habits in your home or workplace along with providing movement strategies and exercises to specifically address your condition.

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