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Your time is valuable! Live Life offers Physical Therapy services at your choice of location, usually at home or work. In addition to eliminating travel and waiting room time, we are able to assess your environment for benefits, possible obstacles, and pain triggers.

You will be treated 1-on-1 by our Physical Therapist who practices all CDC protocols. He treats a decreased number of other patients and meticulously follows rigorous sanitary protocol, including clean clothing, mask, gloves, and thorough hand-washing for each client.

Live Life Physiotherapy is different! You will receive 1-on-1 care for the entirety of your appointment. You will have plenty of time to explain your needs and concerns. Together, we will develop a customized plan to address all factors contributing to your pain, so you can Live Life on Your Terms.

Providers are at the mercy of the insurance companies, and it’s usually who calls the shots on how long you receive care and how much time they pay for with a provider. For most, it’s only about 10-15 minutes of care, which is not nearly enough to make sure your pain points are heard and treated.

One of the greatest benefits to an Out-Of-Network (OON) model is that we can work with your insurance, not under your insurance. In some cases in and OON coverage is the same, but the experience you get in an OON clinic is simply life-altering. Your plan is setup by you and the Physical Therapist to best serve your needs to get everything you pay for and moreClick here to learn more about how in and Out-Of-Network (OON) insurance works.

While we do perform hands-on treatment, many conditions also can be treated virtually. Gait pattern analyses, posture assessments, exercise interventions, prescriptions of movement, and more can be accomplished through telehealth physical therapy.

Our telehealth platform is extremely easy to use for those who prefer this option. This is an attractive option during our current challenging environment with COVID-19 as it completely eliminates anxiety of an unclean house and all other anxiety associated with COVID-19!

Possibly! Insurances have different coverage for various plans. Please fill out your contact and insurance information on our contact page and I will be more than happy to check with your insurance.

With in network Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s), there are less protections in place for your treatment. What this means is your insurance company tells your provider that they only have 10-15 minutes and a few visits to listen to your concerns and treat you.

At Live Life Physiotherapy you are a person with an experience unique to you that lead you to search for better quality of life through physical therapy. We invest in your health by insisting your needs to your insurance company, just as you have chosen to.

Very few, if any, cover this kind of care. Unfortunately, the way healthcare is set up, there is not much profit in treating people in a way that maintains the person’s self-reliance and control over their body. Keeping people healthy and free from injury keeps them in work and in control of their life and finances. Surgeries and pain pills make insurances A LOT of money. Scary diagnoses like arthritis and degenerative disc/joint disease are used to create dependency on the provider.

Preventative physical therapy is not only cheaper for you in the long run, but it increases your working years. This in turn increases your lifelong earning potential and potential to be healthy enough to enjoy your retirement.

What Happens to the great physical therapists? There are some fantastic physical therapists out there. However, in order to be fantastic, most have had to find a way to work outside of the traditional physical therapy system.

It is not typically feasible to give people the attention that is required to properly treat them while also keeping the lights on. So what happens? They have to treat multiple people at once and rely on support staff to carry out the majority of the treatment.

Pain and injury are not isolated events that can always be repeated in a physical therapy clinic. You may feel fine at the physical therapy clinic, but go home and realize the problem is still there, it just wasn’t present while at the clinic. Most people benefit from an evaluation of their environment. Further, when you perform the prescribed exercises with the PT in your home, you are more likely to do them correctly and create a routine that increases the chances of you doing them.

Have more questions? Visit our contact page and ask away!
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