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Why Out-Of-Network (OON)

The Cookie Cutter Experience

If you have experienced physical therapy before, let us know if this rings a bell. You get time with the PT at the initial evaluation and they might even do a thing or two with you. After that, you see the PT for 15 mins (or less) every treatment session. You are going two to three times per week with no real end in sight. Most of your time is spent on a hot pack, doing some exercises that haven’t changed much since your first day, and you are noticing that despite the seemingly thorough evaluation of your “unique” condition, you are doing many of the same things that everyone else is doing. You start feeling like a number and the PT is just making their rounds to 3-4 other people in the room. You may start feeling better, but let’s be honest, the human body is an amazing wonder, capable of healing. You aren’t sure if it was the same exercises that you have been doing over the course of the last 4 weeks that magically cured you or if your body healed itself. Then you start wondering why you couldn’t just do the cookie-cutter exercises at home.

Traditional Medical Model

The current medical model for treating pain is not conducive to optimally alleviating people’s pain and healing injuries. Research already proves this. So what gives? Third-party payers and large corporate medical groups to a large extent dictate what, how, and when treatment occurs. There is not much profit in treating people in a way that maintains the person’s self-reliance and control over their body. Surgeries and pain pills make people A LOT of money. Scary diagnosis like arthritis and degenerative disc/joint disease are used to create dependency on the provider.

What Happens to the Great Therapists?

What about traditional physical therapy? There are some fantastic physical therapists out there. However, in order to be fantastic, most have had to find a way to work outside of the traditional physical therapy system. It is not typically feasible to give people the attention that is required to properly treat them while also keeping the lights on. So what happens? They have to treat multiple people at once and rely on support staff to carry out the majority of the treatment.

The Home Experience

Traditional physical therapy and you. Pain and injury are not isolated events that can typically be properly addressed in the vacuum of a physical therapy clinic. Most people undoubtedly benefit from an evaluation of their environment. Further, when you perform the prescribed exercises with the PT in your home, you are more likely to do them correctly and create a routine that increases the chances of you doing them.

The Live Life Physiotherapy Difference

The Live Life Physiotherapy difference. At Live Life Physiotherapy, we have Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapists that will create a unique plan that is unique to you. As a hybrid concierge and telehealth platform, we can go to your home for treatments and develop programs in combination with telehealth visits in which we can tweak and progress your challenges and advance towards your goals.

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