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What is Out-Of-Network (OON) Coverage?

The Cookie Cutter Experience

With in network PPO’s, there are less protections in place because your insurance company decides how much better you get to feel before you stop therapy. You get time with the PT at the initial evaluation. After that, you see the PT for 15 mins (or less) every treatment session and you perform exercises that could be done at home.

To many clinics, you are just a number. Here, at Live Life Physiotherapy you are a person with an experience unique to you that lead you to search for better quality of life through physical therapy. We invest in your health just as you have chosen to.

Traditional Medical Model

The current medical model for treating pain is not conducive to optimally alleviating people’s pain and healing injuries. Research already proves this. So what gives? Third-party payers and large corporate medical groups to a large extent dictate what, how, and when treatment occurs.

Unfortunately, the way healthcare is set up, there is not much profit in treating people in a way that maintains the person’s self-reliance and control over their body. Keeping people healthy and free from injury keeps them in work and in control of their life and finances. Surgeries and pain pills make insurances A LOT of money. Scary diagnoses like arthritis and degenerative disc/joint disease are used to create dependency on the provider.

What Happens to the Great Therapists?

What about traditional physical therapy? There are some fantastic physical therapists out there. However, in order to be fantastic, most have had to find a way to work outside of the traditional physical therapy system. It is not typically feasible to give people the attention that is required to properly treat them while also keeping the lights on. So what happens? They have to treat multiple people at once and rely on support staff to carry out the majority of the treatment.

The Home Experience

Pain and injury are not isolated events that can typically be properly addressed in the vacuum of a physical therapy clinic. Most people undoubtedly benefit from an evaluation of their environment. Further, when you perform the prescribed exercises with the PT in your home, you are more likely to do them correctly and create a routine that increases the chances of you doing them.

The Live Life Physiotherapy Difference

At Live Life Physiotherapy, there is no red tape. It’s simply you and your therapist working towards the goals you have for yourself. We have Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapists that will create a unique plan that is unique to you. As a hybrid concierge and telehealth platform, we can go to your home for treatments and develop programs in combination with telehealth visits in which we can tweak and progress your challenges and advance towards your goals.

Insurance Verification

Live Life Physiotherapy vs In-Network Value

First Visit Live Life Traditional In Network
Cost Investment $175 for initial Evaluation and Treatment.  As an Out of Network (OON) Provider, most insurance will reimburse a percentage of the cost of each treatment. Check with your specific insurance plan, but let’s say an average of $30/visit.
Time Resources 1 hour per treatment 1 hour per treatment
Visit Details 60 mins 1 on 1 with your PT for a personalized assessment in your home environment 15 mins for a diagnosis and standardized Plan of Care with a PT who is also seeing 3+ other clients (at the same time?)
Take Away Your PT listens to your unique story, asking meaningful questions to get the best idea of what you need to live your best life.  You find relief in the potential for opportunity and motivation that you feel from your experience. You feel like your unique story was overshadowed by a diagnosis that dictated your plan of care for the next 12+ weeks.  You were put on a bike that you could have done at home or a regular gym, and you get a few exercises on a sheet of paper that you are supposed to remember on your own to complete.
First 30 Days    
Cost Investment Initial Evaluation + 3 full 1-on-1 sessions = $625 (minus OON reimbursement from your insurance company). Seeing the PT for 15 mins of massage and similar banded exercises


8 Sessions = $240

12 Sessions = $360

Time Resources 4 hours of treatment time 1-on-1 with your PT. 8 Sessions


Treatment Time: 8 hours (2 with a PT)

Drive Time: 4 hours (15 mins each way per appt).

12 Sessions

Treatment Time: 12 hours (3 hours with a PT)

Drive Time: 6 hours (15 mins each way per appt).

Visit Details    
Take Away You are feeling empowered because you feel you have been given the necessary resources and access to your PT that you are beginning to take back control of your activities and behaviors and are less fearful of moving.  You are excited about the continued potential to increase your fitness and health. You are doing the exercise bike and same 5 to 8 exercises with the yellow resistance band as the first treatment.  The PT or aid sometimes throws in the importance of doing the exercises at home, but everyone knows you are unlikely to change your habits once you leave the clinic.
3 Months    
Cost Investment 1 Initial Evaluation + 7 full 1 on 1 Visits= $1,225 (minus OON reimbursement from your insurance company). 24 Sessions= $720


36 Sessions= $1080

Time Resources 8 Hours 1 on 1 with your PT. 24 Sessions= 24 Hours (6 hours with a PT)


Drive Time= 12 Hours (15 mins each way per appt)

24 Session Total Time= 36 Hours

36 Sessions

36 Hours (9 hours with a PT)

Drive Time= 18 Hours (15 mins each way per appt)

36 Session Total= 54 Hours

Visit Details    
Take Away You have completed the Live Life Program.  You are confident in your understanding of pain and injury and are motivated to continue pushing your activities to new limits that you never imagined possible.  You have access to resources and materials to continue to further your understanding of pain. You have completed a PT episode of care.  Your PT likely didn’t know that you dropped off their schedule.  You likely have less pain than you started with.  You might have been told what you can no longer do for fear of reinjury or worse, but you have no idea of your potential.  You continue previous habits that lead to the current injury.

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