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If you sustained injuries in a San Diego car accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve justice and fair financial compensation for your damages. Unfortunately, fighting to get a fair settlement from the insurance company poses many potential challenges. If you’re fighting to get treatment and recover for your injuries at the same time, your situation can quickly become overwhelming. If you can’t work, the medical bills can start piling up while your living expenses go unpaid.

Our experienced attorneys fight to protect your legal rights and get you every dollar of compensation possible for your injuries and other damages.


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The Medicare & You 2022 Handbook

Physical therapy can help reduce fall risks.
The Medicare & You 2022 Handbook is out now! Medicare enrollees have probably already received in their mail unless the selected the paperless option. This resource is excellent for explaining the ABCs of Medicare and understanding what options are best for you! The link is provided below if you haven’t received your copy.


As a Medicare provider, Live Life Physiotherapy can provide mobile in-network coverage to traditional Medicare recipients and those with a PPO secondary or supplement. Are you utilizing all the services available to you to help you Live Your Best Life?!

Many people I speak to are surprised when they learn how much physical therapy can help with their balance and reduce their fall risk, but most are just excited at the idea of restoring their previous functional ability to do things they took for granted like cooking, dancing, walking in the community, and socializing with friends and family!
If you have questions about what your Medicare or other insurance covers, we will be happy to help you find the answers!


Click Here for the Medicare Handbook