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Our Services

Live Life Physiotherapy provides mobile physical therapy to those who need it, where they need it. 

Whether we’re meeting in person or virtually, our physical therapists create a truly customized program – addressing your ultimate goals and determining the best options for your care.

We meet you where you are, so you can concentrate on living your best life.

Some of the Conditions We Treat

Aquatic physical therapy takes advantage of water’s natural buoyancy to reduce stress on the body.

Physical therapy can help people with back pain improve their mobility and reduce pain.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to accept mobility and balance issues – physical therapy can help.

Hip Pain

We’ll work with you to create the best physical therapy plan to address your hip pain.

Knee Pain

Physical therapy can often alleviate knee pain, without the need for surgery.

Neck Pain

Many neck pain issues can be resolved with physical therapy.

Rehabilitation After a Car Accident

Working with a physical therapist after a car accident can help you return to normal functioning faster.

Sciatica Pain

Physical therapy can strengthen your sciatic nerve, which will help to relieve pain and restore function.

Senior man and woman doing physical therapy strength training together.

Injury Prevention

You can help prevent injury and gain strength with physical therapy.

Sports physical therapy can help with sports injuries.

... and more!

Live Life Physiotherapy specializes in a variety of outpatient treatments, including but not limited to; rehabilitation physical therapy, labral tears, sports medicine physical therapy, orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

Ready to see how physical therapy can help you?

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