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Physical Therapy in Santee

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Want to live the life you imagined?
That's what we do. It's literally our name.
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Want to run a marathon or just run after your grandkids?
We'll help you reach your goals.
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Forget about traffic, gas costs, and crowded parking lots.
We come to you.
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There's a difference here.
We thrive on helping you thrive.
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Every Day, We Help People Just Like You

We meet our patients where they are – literally and figuratively. 

If your goal is to run a marathon, keep up with your kids, or simply enjoy the retirement lifestyle you always imagined, we’re here for you.

As a concierge mobile physical therapy service, we come to you – making it even easier for you to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Karl Burris with Live Life Physiotherapy provides mobile physical therapy to a Santee resident.
Karl has helped so many seniors, including my mom, at our senior center. He is wise and knowledgeable, patient and respectful, experienced and skillful, and strong yet gentle. He is a master at understanding how to work with the aches, pains, needs ahd ailments of our very precious and fragile senior citizens. I thank God for him.
Cathy Horning
Cathy Horning
I am SO HAPPY that KARL BURRIS is my mobile physical therapist here in Santee. He is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, easy to talk to, terrific at explaining (in terms that I can understand) what the cause of my pain is, and what exercises I can do myself to reduce and/or eliminate the pain. Karl helped me to be in the best shape possible PRIOR and POST hip replacement surgery. He is now helping me overcome sore shoulders and stiff neck problems, so I can turn my head further to the left and right. I am a better, happier person now, ready to go traveling and touring again - and feeling more confident and safer as a driver!
lois wright
lois wright
Karl Burris is very patient with the elderly people at Lantern Crest. However, he provides us with the opportunity to keep into good shape, and making sure our muscles are doing their best. I have never had a better physical therapist.
Connie Steffen
Connie Steffen
Carl has devised a program sensitive to our needs. He is alert to changes needed to altering circumstances. I enjoy my time with him.
Ted Holmsen
Ted Holmsen
My wife and I have been involved with Karl Burris, DPT for about 8 months both in exercise classes as well as personalized Physical Therapy sessions. Both of us have benefitted from his leadership and skills. Karl's professionalism is exemplary, he is attentive to his clients' needs and continually encourages us to greater strength and stability. We strongly recommend Live Life Physiotherapy to those who are in need of physical therapy.
Larry and Jean Nelson
Larry and Jean Nelson
My mom was helped to get back on her feet by Live Life Physiotherapy. The personal care she received from Karl and things he showed me have kept her getting better everyday. Personal and professional all in one package!
Anna Berard
Anna Berard
Karl has been a godsend to my husband who is recovering from major heart & lung issues. We are grateful for his care & PT. Live Life Physiotherapy is giving my husband hope for better days.
Pam Healy
Pam Healy
I have had physical therapy three times. The first two were an utter failure. Live Life Physiotherapy improved my balance, my strength and my ability for overall life functions after only a few sessions.
Ron Crabb
Ron Crabb
Karl is extremely competent in his therepy. He is very social, but gets to the point. I am extremely happy with the results and hope to continue until I am more stable
Yvonne Ford
Yvonne Ford

What Our Patients Say

Mary Skinner, a patient of Live Life Physiotherapy, smiles at the camera

“I’m 70 and I was thinking my knee and back pain, balance and just the difficulties of walking and going up steps were due to my age and weight. After working with Karl, I realized they were all fallacies. My knee and back pain – gone! I can walk farther distances and more easily, and I am stronger overall. Karl can improve the quality and future of your life!”

Mary S.

“Karl has been extremely helpful. My orthopedic surgeon told me 20 years ago to limit my walking and any walking exercise had to be in a pool due to X-ray findings of my knees. I was told I was ‘bone-on-bone’ and to stop activity as soon as it started hurting. Because of that advice, I spent years limiting my walking and ended up using a wheelchair for longer trips. After working with Karl, I now know that movement is beneficial, and through some hard work, I am not only without the wheelchair, but working to walk without a walker or cane.”

Maxine O.

Discover the Live Life Physiotherapy Difference

Life-Changing Mobile Physical Therapy in Santee

Traditional Physical Therapy Model

Group or semi-private appointments

Traffic and parking challenges

Feeling like a cog in the health care machine

The Life Life Physiotherapy Experience

Customized 1-on-1 sessions

We work with you to create a personalized plan to help reach your goals

We come to you

Physical Therapy in Santee and Beyond

Live Life Physiotherapy provides mobile physical therapy services to residents of East County San Diego – including Santee, La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside, San Carlos, Del Cerro and beyond.

Don’t see your city listed? We’re growing, so reach out to see if our mobile physical therapists can come to you.

Services Provided

As mobile physical therapists, we provide in-person treatments from the comfort of your home. We also offer telehealth visits to check in and track your progress.

Whether we’re meeting in person or virtually, our physical therapists create a truly customized program – addressing your ultimate goals and determining the best schedule and options for your care.

The bottom line?

We work together to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Injury Prevention and
Strength Training

Physical therapy is a great proactive measure to help prevent injury and gain strength.

Physical therapy can help people with back pain improve their mobility and reduce pain.

Working with a physical therapist after a car accident can help you return to normal functioning faster.

Physical therapy can strengthen your sciatic nerve, which will help to relieve pain and restore function.

Many neck pain issues can be resolved with physical therapy.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy takes advantage of water’s natural buoyancy to reduce stress on the body.

Knee Pain

Physical therapists can help alleviate knee pain, often without surgery.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to accept mobility and balance issues – physical therapy can help.

Insurance Accepted,
Not Needed

At Live Life Physiotherapy, there is no red tape. It’s simply you and your physical therapist working toward the goals you set for yourself.

Whether you have insurance or want to pay with cash, we’ll work with you.

We are an in-network provider
with Medicare, so we’ve
got your back.

We work with the main PPO insurance carriers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield.

We are happy to design a payment plan that supports your needs, within your means.

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