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Expectations and Investments

At Live Life Physiotherapy we have experienced and learned what physical therapy has been reduced to in the traditional medical model of care.  The kind that is governed by insurance reimbursements and number crunchers.  The kind that has continually reduced reimbursement to the people that provide the care while increasing cost-sharing to customers with higher co-pays and co-insurance, all to line the pockets of those that sit behind a desk to maximize corporate profit.  What does that mean for your care?  Physical therapy clinics along with primary care physicians and healthcare providers at large feel the squeeze.  They need to see more people in order to keep the business side of healthcare “healthyish”.  More people equals less personal attention and learning your story, which in many cases, is the only way to appropriately address your pain.

Why settle for sub-optimal care?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Your physical capacity is an investment.  If you want your body to maximize your financial potential, it needs to perform and it needs to perform for the long haul.  Sure, for the right person, going to a busy clinic with 10 minutes of attention from the therapist and 45+ minutes running through a semi-standardized exercise program is just what they need to get back to what they need to do.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time to spend doing sub-optimal exercises that might help my pain, in an impersonal clinic that I could be doing at home, when I have a million other things to do during the day (coming soon: habits and why maintaining an exercise program is so difficult).

What else is there?  Live Life Physiotherapy.  If you don’t think you will thrive in the above atmosphere or you have tried it and you KNOW it was not a successful experience, join our team on a journey to prove there is a better way.  Invest in value.  Expect one on one personal attention for the entire hour-long treatment session.  Expect an investment into your story and pain journey to best personally tailor your treatment plan.  Expect reduced time commitments for traveling to and from a big clinic for impersonal treatment.  Expect fewer visits with better results.  Expect the results you work for and achieve with Live Life Physiotherapy will maximize your mind and body’s financial potential and well-being, for the long term.  Invest in yourself and experience the Live Life Difference.

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